• Social Polis

    Social Platform on Cities and Social Cohesion was an innovative research project because it crossed the boundaries of the academic world and took the knowledge and experience of practitioners seriously.

  • Social Platform

    One aim of this project was to build a social platform of policy makers, researchers, civil society workers, urban planners and architects. All these groups had the task to produce together knowledge on social cohesion in cities.

  • Shaping Research

    With this knowledge, based on scientific expertise and a broad range of experience from activism, planning and policy making, the platform worked on shaping the future European research in the field of social cohesion in cities.

  • Agenda

    The tool for shaping the future European research on social cohesion is the Focused Research Agenda consisting of 7 topics that were identified as the most burning issues concerning social cohesion in European cities. This Agenda was produced in a participatory and collective process in the course of the project.

  • Diversity of actors

    While organizing such a process of collective knowledge production, this platform learned a lot about different institutional logics, languages, working realities and aims of the actors involved.

  • Methodology

    Therefore not only the most important issues in the field of social cohesion were identified but a specific approach and methodology for researching together with practitioners was developed. This Social Polis approach consists of three parts: Transdisciplinarity, Multi-dimensionality and Multi-scalarity. Social Polis approach

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